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Stand-up Comedy Classes with Taylor Clark

Ready to infuse more laughter and lightheartedness into your life? Welcome to Taylor Clark’s Comedy 101 course, where laughter meets learning, and stage fright takes a back seat.


In this course, you'll dive into comedy writing, joke crafting, and stage presence. While focused on stand-up comedy, these skills are versatile – perfect for work presentations, social gatherings, or simply spicing up your everyday conversations.


Join our vibrant comedy community, where classmates quickly become friends and mentors. With Taylor’s wealth of experience in both teaching and performing comedy, along with his background in coaching individuals from diverse walks of life, you'll find the courage to showcase your comedic talents on stage. Who knows? You might even land a comedy gig sooner than you think! You will develop the confidence to wield humor skillfully in day to day scenarios.


All classes, including your graduation show, happen at Club Comedy, one of Seattle's premier comedy clubs. Guided by Taylor's warmth and expertise, you'll tap into your comedic potential in a supportive environment. Together, you'll learn to unleash your unique brand of humor.


At the graduation show, you'll showcase your comedic talents live, surrounded by friends, family, and fellow comedy enthusiasts. With Taylor's guidance, you'll deliver a solid 3-5 minute performance, leaving a lasting impression. Graduates always rave about their once-in-a-life-time comedy experience at Taylor Clark’s Comedy 101! 


Whether you're a seasoned comedy buff or just curious about humor, Comedy 101 promises an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and growth. Don't wait – secure your spot now and let laughter transform your days!

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A little about your comedy coach, Taylor Clark


Taylor is a seasoned headliner from New York with a popular comedy album and two comedy specials! His signature high-octane performances and hilarious takes on marriage, work, and getting older are only some of the reasons why he’s one of the most in-demand comics in the entire NW. When he's not touring, Taylor shares his expertise through engaging classes and workshops, mentoring aspiring comedians and adding humor to corporate and private events. As the talent director of the Seattle Comedy Competition and producer of "50 First Jokes in Seattle," Taylor's impact on the comedy scene is undeniable. 


Taylor's performances are a whirlwind of quick wit, heartwarming humor, and jaw-dropping true tales. With a background that spans from real estate to coaching gymnastics, he brings a wealth of life experiences to the stage, making him relatable to audiences of all walks of life. Approachable, genuine, and armed with decades of comedic mastery, Taylor is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to unlock their inner comedian.

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