Taylor is a Seattle-based comic, husband, father and adult-skateboarder. 


He spent the majority of his adult life living and performing in New York City, but, at his core, he was a man destined for the woods. So he is now back in the great Northwest, closer to his forest family and engulfed in all the marvelous wilderness that surrounds them. 


When Taylor's son was born he put comedy and producing shows on the backburner to focus on his family. He assured himself a career in comedy was no longer in the cards and pretty much anyone who knew him was of the same opinion. So He packed up his family and high tailed it to Seattle.


Later that year he was asked to audition for the Seattle International Comedy Contest. He was selected to compete, made it through to the finals and finished 5th out of 32. Taylor was the only Seattle-based comic to make it to the finals in 2016.


From that point on Taylor completely dedicated to himself to doing stand up and as of now, he is making "a living" as a comic. In 2019 he performed at the world famous Laughing Skull comedy contest and will be recording his debut album with the working title "addictive tickle"


When he's not raising his son, he's either skating, writing jokes, or running around the country doing stand up. He hosts a monthly show  the last Saturday of every month at Solo bar in Queene Anne. It's called XLR comedy and is already selling out almost every month. He has featured for Mark Normand, Kevin McCaffrey, Kristen Key, Tom Rhodes and many more. 


Taylor Launches his first US tour in May of 2020. Stay Tuned.