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Taylor is a Seattle-based adult-skateboarder, husband, father and comic.


A majority of his adult life was lived in Brooklyn, but, at his core, Taylor is a man destined for the woods. 

Back in the great Northwest, closer to his forest family and engulfed in wilderness, Taylor now holds his family hostage to  a unique brand of absurd comedic fantasy. 

Once upon a time, Taylor, with little experience or know-how, started a comedy show in the game room of a Brooklyn apartment building. He was a sponsored skateboarder, but with a collapsed ankle and the threat of homelessness creeping up fast behind him, Taylor was led to a career in apartment rentals. Taylor had special access to one specific building named CastleBraid, which is where he first started hosting and producing stand-up shows. He went on to book shows throughout the city, at venues like "the PIT", and "The Sheen Center"


When Taylor's son was born he put comedy and producing shows on the back-burner to focus on being a Dad. He assured himself a career in comedy was no longer in the cards, let alone a career in skateboarding, so he packed up his family and high tailed it back home to Washington


Later that year he was asked to audition for the Seattle International Comedy Contest. He was selected to compete, made it through to the finals, and was the only Seattle-based finalist in the 2017 contest.


From that point on Taylor completely dedicated to himself to doing stand up.


In 2019 he performed at the world famous Laughing Skull comedy contest and recorded his debut album "Addictive Tickle" at his home club, Laughs Comedy spot in Seattle Washington. 


At the height of the pandemic, after sitting on the album for over a year, Taylor released it, leading with several of his skateboard jokes. He put them on instagram and the jokes went viral. Mainstream skate icons like Mark Appleyard, Steve Caballerro, and even Tony Hawk started following him. 

In the May 2021 issue of Thrasher Magazine, considered the Bible of skateboarding, Taylor had a two page interview.


That same month Taylor got a four page article written about him in "Low Card Skateboard magazine."


Since then, Taylor landed a contract with with Excel Forward Management, was interviewed in one37pm and tweeted by Gary Vanynerchuck, and is racking up skate sponsors.


This summer he is launching a tour and web series called "Comedians at Skateparks". His podcast, also called addictive Tickle, is streaming on all platforms, and is where you can hear Taylor document his double dream journey.


When he's not raising his son, he's either skating, writing jokes, or prepping for his tour


He hopes to one day open a chain of venues called "Tay's Bidets" that are bidet stores/skateparks/comedy club/community centers for peace on the moon.




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