Taylor is a Seattle-based adult-skateboarder, husband, father and comic.


A majority of his adult life was lived in Brooklyn, but, at his core, Taylor was a man destined for the woods, and failure. 

Back in the great Northwest, closer to his forest family and engulfed in all the marvelous wilderness that surrounds them, Taylor now resides in a secret bunker and is holding his family hostage to comedy dreams. 

Once upon a time, Taylor, with little experience or know-how, started a comedy show in the game room of a Brooklyn apartment building named Castlebraid. There, he hosted and produced a stand-up showcase for over four years. He even produced a one-off comedy festival in the building. He went on to book stand-up shows throughout the city, in a variety of venues ranging from basements and cafes to more famous venues like "the PIT", "The Sheen Center" and "Little Skips Cafe"


A lot of the comics he booked are now some of the biggest names in comedy. Names like Reggie Watts, Ali Wong, Mark Normand, Rory Scovel, Michelle Wolf, Keep going?  Sure, Phoebe Robinson, Tim Dillon, The Lucas Brothers, and the list goes on. They shared a tremendous amount of knowledge with Taylor of which he mostly ignored. 


When Taylor's son was born he put comedy and producing shows on the backburner in order to focus on his family. He assured himself a career in comedy was no longer in the cards and everyone who knew him was of the same opinion. Considering his biggest accomplishments in comedy were producing free shows and picking up the ability to shamelessly name drop, it was hard to argue he was "on the cusp". So he packed up his family and high tailed it to Seattle.


Later that year he was asked to audition for the Seattle International Comedy Contest. He was selected to compete, made it through to the finals and finished 5th out of 32. Taylor was the only Seattle-based comic to make it to the finals in 2017.


From that point on Taylor completely dedicated to himself to doing stand up and as of now, he is making "a living" as a comic. In 2019 he performed at the world famous Laughing Skull comedy contest and this year released his debut album "addictive tickle"


When he's not raising his son, he's either skating, writing jokes, or recording his podcast. He is very much looking forward to a potential 2021 live tour.